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Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya, Mexico

October 11, 2016

Forgive me. Blog post numero dos took wayyy longer than expected. You think a few days pass until you look at the calendar and realize it’s been a month. Yikes.

(If you missed my first post on why travel agents are amazing and everyone should use one, go here.)  

So without any further delay…here we go.

I figured that a travel blog isn’t much of a travel blog without actual blog posts about travels, and because my job allows me to travel every so often it’s only fair that I review the places I visit.

This first resort review is for a newly built adult-only, all-inclusive property in the Riviera Maya that quickly jumped to the top of one of my personal favorites. Wanna know why? Well, keep reading…obviously 😉

First off- a lot of people (for some strange reason) have this weird thing about Mexico. They heard that their friends neighbors sisters’ ex-husband got sick there 20 years ago and that’s the reason they don’t want to go. That’s a topic for another blog post, but seriously…throw that silly reason and any other ridiculous ones out the window and give the destination a chance, because I fall more in love with it every time I go and can promise you, I’ve gotten sick from eating at more places in the US than internationally. Seriously.

ANYWAY. This particular resort is about 1 hour drive from the airport, so as you can imagine…pretty far away from the hustle and bustle of the kinda crowded hotel zone that most people picture when they hear “Cancun.”

If you’re familiar at all with Secrets resorts, you know that they’re a chain of adult-only all-inclusive resorts located all over the Caribbean and Mexico. Even though they’re a chain, each property totally has its own vibe…which is true with most all-inclusive resorts, as well.

Secrets Akumal definitely sets the bar high when it comes to overall resort experience. The moment you step off the transfer and walk into the lobby…you get a glimpse of why. The resort lobby is a full circle with panoramic views of the resort grounds and it’s absolutely stunning.


Aside from the initial “wow” factor, the resort foliage is SO pretty. You’re probably thinking “I don’t care about resort foliage” and maybe you don’t, but you should! Typically newer properties have less than impressive foliage because nothing is really grown in yet, so it can look a bit sparse. Not this property. I literally felt like I was walking through a tropical paradise with paved walking paths. Starting to understand?


Room deets:
Moving on. Regardless of what type of traveler you are, the room still matters. And the great thing about this property: aside from the Master Suite, all the rooms are the same size with the same layout. Why is that great? Because that basically means there’s no “bad” room on the property! Even the lowest-priced room still had tons of room and a gorgeous tropical view. I personally couldn’t get enough of the “rustic chic” type vibe of the rooms and resort- I basically wanted to ship my things and move in. Just not too sure that my husky would be as big of a fan of the heat…




Now to the inclusion that quite possibly (okay, definitely) is the biggest reason I fell in love with this resort…the SEA TURTLES!!

Anyone have swimming with turtles on their bucket list? If so, this resort is pure-fection = PURE PERFECTION.

Because of the fact that the sea turtles live in this section of the beach, you’re guaranteed to see… and swim with them. And let me tell you, these beauties are HUGE. I don’t exactly know what I was expecting…but they literally took my breath away. (Which can be dangerous with a snorkel, so be prepared). The biggest “plus” to all of that, is the snorkeling is literally already included in the package price. No getting out your wallet to pay for a tour…you have access to those beautiful creatures right in front of the resort. Guests staying in other hotels had to PAY for group tours to walk down to the beach at Secrets Akumal to have the same exact experience we did, and we didn’t have to stick with a group all huddled around 1 turtle, we could go at our own pace which was perfect.

(Note: admire them, take selfies, hang out with them..whatever, but for the love- don’t chase them or touch them). Aside from it being a rule, it’s a courtesy to the turtles…give ‘em some room to be wild and free. Okay, PSA/rant over.


Fun Fact: “Akumal” in Mayan actually means “place of the turtle” 😀

If snorkeling and swimming isn’t for you- take out one of their glass-bottom kayaks and watch it all from above. These are also INCLUDED in your package price. Are you sold yet?


For an animal and ocean-loving gal like myself, this place was basically heaven.

I could probably type an entire book with tons more details, but then there wouldn’t be any surprises for you left to experience on your own!

So, if this property sounds like a spot you’d love for a vacation you want to be on, email me at and I’ll get you some pricing and on your way to the turtles faster than you can order your PSL.







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